Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Tourist Infurmation

Since you’re attending Furrnion, why not do a bit of tourism? Spain is a very popular tourist destination, there’s always something to see and do. Madrid in particular is the icon and powerhouse of the country; In this city you’ll see much of the diverse culture the country has to offer!

Furthermore, there’s many other interesting cities that can easily and quickly be reached from Madrid via high-speed rail. Therefore we suggest making the best of the days before and after the convention!



Madrid is the capital and the closest tourist destination for Furrnion assistants.

You can find a great number of leisure and cultural activities in Madrid. Since the list is almost endless, we have selected some of them but, indeed, they are not the only ones!

Madrid Amusement Park and Warner Theme Park

These two amusement parks are unmissable for roller coaster lovers, live shows and theme parks in general.

The “Classic – Los Austrias Madrid” and the “tapas”



Traditional (‘castizo’) Madrid, is a tourist’s delight. Amongst all the emblematic and historic places in Spain’s Capital, like the Royal Palace or the Almudena Cathedral, the visitor will find plenty of bars and restaurants where to enjoy virtually every dish from spanish cuisine. And if you prefer diversity over ammount, we recommend you the classical tapas!

Prado Museum

One of the most important paint collections in the world, where the most popular paintings by reknown artists like Velázquez and Goya are permantently exposed. Perfect for those furs that love culture.


Next to the Prado you can find more interesting museums, like the Thyssen or the Reina Sofía Modern Art Museum, with works by Dali or Picasso.


The rest of Spain is 3 hours away at most by train.

The presence of hominids in the peninsula dates back from at least 1.3 million years. Since then, lots of events have been building our cultural richness. Each corner of this country is different, offering totally new and incredible things.

We invite you to discover all you can, learning about unusual events that took place in this land, that is why we recommend you some places you cannot miss.

How can you move around the country? From the center of Spain, Madrid, you can reach any important city in Spain thanks to the high-speed train network, and you can even go and return to the capital in the same day.

The most popular destinations include:

  • Barcelona: 2 hours and a half on the high-speed train from Madrid, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan port city with an extensive history. There are lots of things to see and do such as going for a walk around the boulevard (Ramblas), eating in the port or even visit the Agbar tower. Barcelona is Gaudi’s city, featuring his fantastic architecture and parks. The city is even more alive when the night falls, especially in its endless bars to drink, discos, restaurants and even more, it is a city built for your enjoyment.
  • Valencia: Less than 2 hours from Madrid in the high-speed train, Valencia is the third city of Spain in terms of population, a city with an extensive cultural heritage and a great variety of places to visit. The land of “Fallas” and paella or L’horta and the lake of L’Albufera, not to forget the impressive City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias).
  • Seville: Two hours and a half from Madrid in high-speed train, next to the Guadalquivir river, with a rich Arabic heritage, it is a unique city in Europe. Its commercial port used to receive products from America but it is not the only place worth seeing. The districts of Triana or La Macarena (yes, like the song) are also places you cannot miss; the city is also declared as the city of “tapeo” (tapas)
  • Segovia: Only half an hour from Madrid, whose old city and Roman aqueduct have been named Heritage of Humanity, is on a hill between the riverbed of Eresma and Clamores. Apart from the famous aqueduct, there is a variety of Romanic churches, such as Catedral and Alcázar, that form a majestic landscape that dominates these Castilian lands.
  • Toledo: Located thirty minutes by train from Madrid, the historical city of the empire hosts some of the most emblematic monuments from the past of Spain. You can visit the Alcázar and the multiple places where the cutlers and sword crafters still create the precious works of handicraft.