Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Staff Form

Send us the following form to let us know that you’re interested in taking part of Furrnion 2: Chivalry Books ‘ Staff.

We’re recruiting staff for both pre & during-con, for all departments.

Specially, we need to cover urgently the following positions:

  • Web Designer: He/she would be in charge of the new site’s design (illustrations would be provided by the art department, the designer will only have to create the web’s general look)
  • PHP coder, with experience in WordPress.

As a special novelty in this edition’s staff structure we’ll introduce the ambassadors. Ambassadors will be a special staff position, dependant of both the public relations and marketing departments, that will be official Furrnion representatives in their home country. With this, we want to give an impulse to Furrnion’s international and billingual nature, and open the staff up to not only spanish members.

Here’s the conditions that all willing to be staff have to meet. These mean that if none of these conditions are met, the application could still be considered, but it’d be extremelly difficult to be accepted. So you need to meet at least one of these. The more, the better:

  • Having attended Furrnion
  • Having been staff in a simillar event
  • Have demostrable experience in the field for which you’re applying.

Besides any of those 3 conditions, there’s an extra, necessary one for the internal communication:

  • Having a Telegram AND a Skype account.

So, you wanna take part of Furrnion this year? Then fill the following form, and if you’re finally chosen for it, we’ll contact you via Telegram!

*Name (Can be your fursona's)


*Telegram Account

*Country and City of Residence

Would you feel comfortable if you had a position in which you'd have to interact with attendees?

Do you have any ability or specialized education that could be handy for Furrnion? (First aids, security, medicine, fine arts, IT…)

Any previous experience as organizator or staff in any other Furry Convention?

Any previous experience as organizator or staff in any other event of any kind?

From the following areas, choose up to 3 where you'd like to participate, by priority order. You can also specify other unmetioned fields or a speciality within them.

  • Security / Safety
  • Art and Design
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Public Relations
  • Activities

What do you think you could contribute with to Furrnion in the areas you've chosen?

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