Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019


In order to make things as easy as possible, Con registration (access to the rented areas around the Con such as the disco, the Dealer’s Den, the rooms for events, etc.) will be independent from the room booking, which will be optional. We will try to keep the whole process easy for you.In addition we have sponsor levels (additional and optional fees, these can be paid at a later date if you prefer to spread the cost over time) which offer a further range of benefits.

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Basic Registration

Basic attendance at Furrnion is 150€ (for the full 4 days of the con) or 60€ (for a 1-day pass). This registration level includes:

  • Access to the Disco, Dealer’s Den, Art show, meeting rooms, stage events…
  • Official Badge
  • Lanyard and badge holder
  • A copy of the conbook (you will be able to buy additional copies in the Dealer’s Den)
  • A leaflet so you can know what’s going on and where.
  • Some surprises!


Furry conventions’ sponsors are those who believe the most in the project and are willing to get more involved taking the next step to support Furrnion. Thanks to our sponsors the conbook has more pages, we’ll be able to take the theming of the con space to the next level to make the con even better for all who attend… In short, they allow Furrnion to be more Furrnion. To thank you for your generosity we offer some juicy perks that make our Sponsors stand out from the rest of attendees:

  • Special Sponsor Badge
  • Preferential access to the registration counter at the Con (to receive your badge and the rest of the welcome pack even faster)
  • Early Access to the Dealer’s Den and Art Show
  • Preferential access to the events (such as the opening and closing ceremonies).
  • Special mention in the conbook.
  • Official t-shirt

Sounds good? All of this can be yours for an extra 24€.

Sponsor OLÉ

If Sponsors get involved helping a Con to suit up, Sponsors OLÉ go all in. They trully give the next step. Just posters? Why not a welcome vinyl on the hotel’s facade? Just art featuring the mascots? Why not their fursuits? Fans in the fursuit lounge? Why not a fully-equipped cooling and ventilation system for each fursuit? Why not strippers at Con-Ops? All for you! Furrnion is a convention organized by a non-profit association. All profits (after the boring expenses, such as insurances, tax and accountancy advising, etc) will goto making the convention the very best it can be. Anything left after that be donated to a charity. Your attendance and enjoyment is our only reward! So be generous 😉

For those of you ready to take the final step, for being a Sponsor OLÉ you’ll get the following gifts and perks:

  • Special Badge (which identifies you as a Sponsor OLÉ at any given time)
  • Even more preferential access to the registration counter at the Con (to receive your badge and the rest of the welcome pack even faster)
  • Even earlier Access to the Dealer’s Den and Art Show.
  • Even more preferential access to the events.
  • An even more special mention in the conbook
  • Special mention in the website
  • Official t-shirt
  • Exclusive gifts!

You can get all these benefits for an extra 101€ if you are already a Sponsor, or an extra 125€ if you’ve got a Basic Registration (we’ll tell you if we still have Olé packs available for at-the-door registrations).


Furrnion has a wide room block reserved with the Meliá Barajas Hotel, which can be individual, double, triple, quadruple, superior double or suites.

When reserving only one of the room’s guests makes a booking (becoming responsible for its full payment). However in order to avoid delays during the check-in you will be able to specify the names of the attendees you’ll be rooming with as soon as you know who. This will help everyone and ensure that check-in is done quickly.

The minimum recommended stay is 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). On Sunday afternoon, Furrnion III will close, although there will be events the whole day, so you won’t get bored if you decide to stay until monday morning!

Do you want to stay more nights? Great news: you will be able to book the days before and after the convention at the same price.

And an even better news: the room includes buffet breakfast.

And without further ado, here you have the list of prices we have negotiated with the hotel for you, conveniently adding a column to let you know the price per person as well:

Room Type Price per Night Price per person / Per night
Individual 120€ 120€
Double 132€ 66€
Triple 162€ 54€
Quadruple 187€ 46,75€
Sup. Double 144€ 72€
Suite (double) 182€ 91€


Current Room Availability:

Suites: 1
Quadruples: 0
Triples: 4
Standard Double (or standard individual): 10
Superior Double (or superior individual): 47