Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Propose your event

We´re a big team working hard to make Furrnion a reality, but we would be nothing without you, guys! Attendees are everything! And we know there is a bunch of you guys who would like to have your own space to set up your own panels and activities, game tournaments, DJ sessions, talks of any sort of subjects…Anything furry related is welcome. So the question is…how would you enrich Furrnion?

If this helps, here you have some ideas for your panel:

  • Furry Fandom: history, communities…
  • Workshops: Learn to draw, fursuit building…
  • Themes: Videogame enthusiasts, nature, music, IRCs…

If you are up to the task, please fill up this form and our Activities staff will contact you shortly!

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*How many people you think they could be interested in your event or panel? (express a percentage, it's just for estimation purposes. For example, 20%)

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