Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Quad Rooms available!

By popular demand, we’ve tried our best to get the hotel to prepare more quadruple rooms for our attendees..

The good news is that… we got it! The bad news is… only 5! And the worst news (or the best, it’s subjective!) is that only 3 will be ‘pure’ quadruple rooms with four individual beds, while the other two will have 2 king beds, that can accomodate up to 4 people.

When will I be able to book one? On Monday, April 8th, at 22:00 UCT we’ll release them. The best thing you can do to get one is to go to ‘My orders’ and reload the page (without abusing) until you see availability in the quadruple rooms. Then you can fill the form as fast as you can (we recommend you to have your credit card number already copied, so you can paste it quickly) and click ‘send’. If our system returns a green banner, congratulations! It’s already for you. And for your friends, of course.

What if I already booked another room? In that case, you’ll have more people ‘invited’ on it (you can see it in your profile). Just delete them from your room so they can request the quadruple under their name. If they got no luck, you can always add them to yours again. If they do, you can ask us to cancel your current one, and even transfer the quadruple’s titularity to someone else if needed (within your original group).

But I already booked a room in another hotel/hostel/place and I can’t cancel it. In that case, we’re afraid we can’t do anything else. We just can’t handle bookings made out of Furrnion’s site. This is all we could do with the best of our efforts to respond to some of our attendees’ demands, who felt very dissapointed when they couldn’t get quadruple room the first day. If you have already found an alternative solution, then, there’s no problem 🙂


You can book a quadruple room on Monday April 8th at 22h UCT
If you already have a room booked in the main hotel through us, ask one of your roomies to book the quadruple
Once they got it confirmed, contact us to cancel the other.

Last but not least, we regret having not been more clear about the low number of quadruple rooms from the beginning (despite having said it countless times in the Telegram groups). But we all learn from our mistakes, and we have to try to mend them. Please, never hesitate talking to us to make Furrnion better! It’s what we live for.

Thank you!