Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Propose your activities and more

A lot of exciting things are waiting for you in Furrnion III, only 3 months left! We’ll have a long summer ahead and we hope you’re enjoying your vacations. (If you have them, we don’t T__T)

It’s time to propose your activities for the convention: ACTIVITIES 

What kind of activities can you propose? There are a lot of them that you and your friends, or whoever, can think, do and join. Aside of the convention’s officials: panels, games, round tables discussions, matchs, notthatthingyouarethinking…

But what are all those things?

Panel: Usually it’s a speech about something interesting, previous years were done: Draw with Paco panda or Introduction to the furry fandom.

But you can propose a lot of more: How to draw avians, equines, canids… how to make a fursuit , How to travel to other conventions, visit the zoo, make a fursuit with cardboard boxes….

Games: Whatever where others can participate: races, roll on the floor, board games, card games, role, escape rooms, drawing contest, poker tournament, dance contest….

Round tables: A place to talk about whatever with others, more like a discussion, Who is your favorite bae, present your book, coffee or tea? anatomically correct or not? Or just take a coffee and talk about something.

Propose your activity and make it possible with your friends!!


Madrid Meliá authorizes us to use the outside space. If the weather allows it, we’ll enjoy the fresh air in Madrid.


We also want to remind  you that the convention will begin 17th October and lasts until 20th October.

We recommend booking your rooms in our website, it’s very likely that other pages are more expensive.