Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Look who’ll be in the Dealer’s Den this year!

There’s just a few days left (until Sept. 30th) to preregister to Furrnion via web to the special price of 95€. If you still needed more reasons to come, or to be more excited for it, we’re sure you’ll like to know which artists, merchants and fursuit makers will be available in the Dealer’s Den making art, selling merchs and, most of all, being there so you can meet them in person!

Here’s the distribution map, and the dealers’ list. You can click on each of their names to see examples of their works.

GOH – Kenket
GOH – Loaf
A1 – Ritsukaxan
A2 – Sky
A3 – Inisu
A4 – Grant Abendrot
A5 – Palmarian
A6 – Dr Javi
A7/A8 – Haps
A9 – La Bête Nwar
A10 – Mlice
A11 – Steakcy
A12 – Zakhanna-Fangs
A13 – Baalpeor
A14 – Siplick
A15 – Nhoa
A16 – Lionrae
A17 – Wyn de Weynilard
A18 – Kirino03
A19 – Eroskun
A20 – Furcelona
A21 – Clinomaniac~
A22 – Tzazu
A23 – ItsOvejo
A24 – Nordeva
B1/B2 – AsbieArts
B3 – Ladynoface
B4 – rakpolaris
B5 – MihoshiArt
B6 – Sickafox
B7 – Ismael Duque Galea
B8 – Wild-fang
B9/B10 – Chibeasts!
C1/C2 – Nerumi Plushies
C3 – Snowfall’s Art
C4 – Retro Crazy Creations
S1 – Licantrox
S2 – WhiteLeonard