Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Important if you sleep in the Meliá Hotel

Pay special attention if you have a room reservation in the Meliá! But most of all if you’re not the room’s holder.

October 1st is the last day for the room’s holder to invite you to it through our website. It’s extremelly important for two reasons:

1st – We’ll mark your badge as ‘residential’ and you’ll be able to open your room’s door with it.

2nd – Hotel check-in will be lots faster because they will already have all of your data pre-registered.

So if you’re staying in somebody else’s room, login and go into your profile, and make sure you show up in their room. You shouldn’t see the ‘Book a Room’ option if you’re already in one, even if you didn’t book it.

For any enquiries, as always, we’ll be available for you in the usual places: Twitter, Telegram and https://support.furrnion.org