Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley applications opening soon!

Dear fellow sailors!

We want this year’s Den to be full of good art and merchandise! Just as the previous years! You know there’s a lot of great artists amongst you, and we want to offer you the best place to sell your stuff!

Take a moment to read this year’s Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley regulations. Applications will open on June 7th at 22:00h CET and will be open until August 31st.

This year, Dealer’s applications will start at just 30€ for a basic spot and won’t come up on a first-come, first-given basis. Our art team will review each application and hold a personal interview with each applicant, after which you’ll know if you’re accepted or not. Acceptance may be delayed until august.

However, to give out the particular spots and do the interviews we might follow the applications’ order so don’t wait until the last day to apply! The sooner you do it, the more chances you’ll have to both be accepted and get the spot you prefer.

As for the Artists’ Alley applications, those will be free and indeed be given on a first-come, first-given basis after reviewing your application, for which we’ll ask for your gallery, just to check you’re indeed an artist!

Go to check my orders page now (You need to be registered and logged in to be able to apply for it) for the full details!