Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Be our distinguished attendee

Distinguished attendees? You could be one of them! You’ll be in our website, in our next section, and who knows what else.

Showing up is easy. Take a picture of yourself, either with fursuit or not, you can always edit it, whatever comes to your mind! In said pic you have to show your attendee number as you wish: cut the numbers, hang them, do them with your body, tattoo them in your grandma… well, this is too much.

Apart from this, in the tweet you have to add the hashtag #Furrnion3 and this link https://www.furrnion.org/registration (very important, we won’t be able to find you if not)

In a while we will announce the new section in our website where you will appear.

A lot of surprises await.

See you in Furrnion!!!