Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Activities and Deadlines!

Furrnion III is near! Last months are always the most busy, and when we need your collaboration the most. This year we’ll have a lot of the activities that you liked the most in previous editions, and also many new ones!

Some of these new activities have limited or minimum participation, so to take part of them you’ll have to , sign up from your profile in the website. As for the rest, you’ll be able to just attend or just sign-up at the Con itself before their beginning.

Visit the Activities and Events page to see all of them. And so you can have a better idea of when and where will be what, you also have available the schedule, with all of the con room’s list by the hour.

We also remind you that there’s just a few days left to do these things:

September 30th: Last day to:

  • Preregister on the website at the special price of 95€. From October 1st, registration will only be possible at-the-door, with a 1-day ticket that will be 60€, or a full-con ticket that will be 150€.
  • Transfer your registration to someone else if you finally can’t attend
  • Upload your avatar/con badge image and register your fursuit(s) image(s)

October 7th: Last day to pay for your preregistration, as long as you’ve sent the form before October 1st.

October 13th:

  • Last day to register your Art Show / Auction pieces.
  • Last day to sign up for those activities that require so.

If you have any question, as always we’ll be happy to assist you at the Telegram groups, on Twitter or through our Support Site.