Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Insult swordfighting

- “You fight like a Dairy farmer!”

- “How appropiate! You fight like a cow!”

Win your swordbattles the most effective way; throwing off your opponent guard with witty insults. Be creative because if your opponent comes with a witty remark back, you might lose!

Maximum of participants: 16

Rules and guidelines for the activity:

  • In this activity you will duel other pirates using your best weapon, not your sword but your wit. Each participant will face each other, in an assigned area, so that the person on the right (from the public's view) will start the battle with a well thought insult to challenge the rival and make it difficult for them to think of a comeback.
  • Once the duel starts with an insult, for example "Give up now or I will crush you like a grape!" the rival has 10 seconds to respond with a comeback, like for example "I would like it if you would stop your WINE-ing." then the judges will vote which was better; the insult or the comeback.
  • Whoever was voted as winner, after swinging their blades, will take a step forward, while the pirate that lost will take a step back. The pirate that took a step back will start the next round.
  • If a pirate hesitates too much, has no answer ready after 10 seconds or says something completely unrelated, will lose automatically. The same happens if the starter doesn't come up with an insult in time.
  • There will be a line behind the pirates. Whoever steps on it first, will lose.
  • It's also a tournament. Only the best pirates will make it to the top. There are prizes for the best pirates!

General rules for the well funcioning of the activity:

  • We should remind you that the whole purpose of any programmed activity is to encourage the participation and have a good time. Violent acts of any nature are forbidden. A healthy competition is the best way to go.
  • Warning! There are some insults that not even us, pirates, will tolerate. I am sure everyone knows which ones are off limits so there's no need to make a list. Don't be too disrespectful and don't take things too seriously, it's just a game.
  • If you wear fursuit to this activity, make sure that you can wear the microphone and speak clearly to it so we can all hear you. Please, avoid wearing accessories that might get stuck in other participants or might get lost.
  • Have fun!




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