Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

The Guests of Honor

This year, for the first time in Furrnion, we’re going to have a Guest of Honor! And not just one, but two.. that are as good as three! We’re talking about the creative team Hax, formed by two great artists in our fandom: Kenket and Loaf.


Let’s meet Kenket :

Kenket is originally a British artist, who now lives in the USA (since 2004). She has a major in Fine Arts and got into the furry fandom through her Lion King passion.

Her talent has been there from the beginning, as you can see from these drawings from that period:

Later, in 2006 she teamed up with another great artist, Black Teagan, with whom she formed her first artistic duet: Blotch. For 8 years, Blotch set a constant trend in furry art, gifting us with countless illustrations, sketches, comics and book covers:


When Blotch finished working together Kenket continued on her own finding more and more successes with her art alone, although she’s also collaborated with other artists and also participated in other fandoms’ art like the brony fandom and Pokémon fan-art. Here are some examples of her latest works:

Let’s meet Loaf:

Loaf (or Lofi)  is a self-taught American artist. His beginnings were out of the fandom, producing high-quality artworks like in these examples:

Having just recently joined the furry fandom (in 2015) his popularity has raised quickly in a short time through which he’s demonstrated his versatility in all kinds of styles, producing both original pieces and like Kenket releasing some fan-art.

His dream would be to become a conceptual artist for videogames or movies, we wouldn’t be surprised if he fulfilled it soon. We can only hope he won’t forget us if he does!


And finally, let’s meet Hax:

From the union of both artists’ brushes and talents a new entity arose. A cat who has exponentially boosted its original members’ abilities: Hax! In a very short time they have raised a huge fanbase and also contributed to the creation (together with other artists) of very well-known characters in our little world, like ‘Good Boi Vin Collie’ or his good friend, Muenster Cat.