Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den is the place where artists can sell their creations. It’s a large area where selling stands and tables are set up so everyone can sell their creations, and take exclusive comissions and requests. It’s also an unique oportunity to meet your favourite author in person and peruse over their products to find just that thing you’ve always been looking for.

How does the dealer’s den work?

the Dealer’s Den is not open ’round the clock. Thus, opening times are widely publicited, either in the Conbook, signs, and so forth. Outside of the schedule, access is restricted to dealers and staff only.

During the Dealer’s Den, please remember that as much as you want to chat with the dealers, they are there to mainly conduct their business. They need attention and time to attend their customers and work on their comissions. Please understand they need to return to work!

Access to the Dealer’s Den is one of the most anticipated moments in any Con. We all want to rush in to reach to our favourite artist and buy their entire stand (we wish!), or just to be the first ones to find cool stuff. As the opening time closes in, enthusiasm spikes and may lead to disorder. We will ask you all to please keep calm and carry on. We all are here to have fun!

It may come as a surprise that some time before the Dealer’s Den official opening time, a group of guests is allowed into it before the rest. This is normal. Early access is one of the sponsors’ benefits.They can, therefore, enjoy the Dealer’s Den all for themselves without having to wait or without crowds. After all, they are paying more than the standard attendance fee. So now you know: if you don’t want to wait, consider upgrading to sponsor!

And when we are closing, please go out as soon as possible.

What kind of items my I bring into Dealer’s Den?

Bring as little as you can. Bear in mind that the Dealer’s Den is a very crowded place. If you try to come in with bulky objects, dangerous goods or fragile items, you may cause disconfort to others or damage dealers property.

Food or drinks are forbidden in the Dealer’s Den. Spill a coffee on a stand and wait for the dealer’s justified wrath! Security Staff will be there to keep order and ensure no harm is done. If you try to access the Dealer’s Den with unacceptable items, you will be politely asked to get out, go and leave those items back in your room and come back later. Please, consider this before you come into the Dealer’s Den and let’s all avoid uneasy situations. For this same reason, during particular times or for other reason, we might have to restrict access to the Dealer’s Den to fursuiters.

Mind what you buy!

Purchasing of any item for sale is a private transaction strictly between the dealer and the customer. The Staff will not be liable for anything regarding transactions. We are here to provide a suitable place for dealers and buyers, not to act as consumer claims’ officers. Be mindful of what do you invest your money in, and again, let us all avoid uneasy situations!