Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Dance Off!

Everybody loves to dance, but especially they love a good competition. Come over with your friends or alone to show us your moves in an epic dance battle against other teams. The winner team will face off some professional dancers! Valid for fursuiters and non-fursuiters.

Maximum of participants: (10 teams. If many people sign up individually, the teams will be randomized, with a maximum of 40 people signing up individually with 4 people in each team.)

Rules and guidelines for the activity:

  • Dance off it's a dancing battle system where different teams will face each other in turns with their best dancing moves
  • There will be a few judges that during each round will vote who wins.
  • Each battle will have three rounds that will shorten down to two if one of the teams wins two rounds in a row.
  • To start a battle, a random song will play and during the first round, either one of the teams will have 30 seconds to come forward (one person or multiple people of the same team) to start dancing. Then, they have aproximately another 30 seconds to perform before retreating, giving the other team a chance to respond, dancing to the same beat.
  • If neither of the teams comes forward during the first round, and 30 seconds go by, the song will be dismissed and replaced with a different one.
  • If one of the teams comes forward to dance and the other team doesn't respond to it, the team that danced will automatically win that round.
  • In each battle, both teams will come forward two times. In this order; "Initial dance. Response from the other team. Response from the initial team. Final response from the opposite team." It's preferable that those who come forward in each round are different people or different groups, so everyone has a chance to participate.
  • Optionally, each team can have a chosen song to battle with. This would be their "card in game". They can only play it once during the whole activity, at any given time. For example, if the team is going to battle some experienced dancers and they want to have a chance against them, they can use the card to turn the tables on their favor. Or if they have already lost a round and they want to make sure to win the next one. This will create strategies in game.
  • It's a tournament, so climb up to the top to make it to battle against the final boss. We have two professional dancers that we brought over just so you can show your skills against them. Besides, there will be prizes for the best dancers!

General rules for the well funcioning of the activity:

  • We should remind you that the whole purpose of any programmed activity is to encourage the participation and have a good time. Violent acts of any nature are forbidden. A healthy competition is the best way to go.
  • Consider your mobility if you participate with a fursuit on, don't try movements that will damage it. Again, there's a chance that the fursuit might get damaged during the completion of the games. If this were to happen, Furrnion won't take any responsabilities regarding the issue.
  • Please, avoid wearing accessories that might get stuck in other participants or might get lost.
  • Have fun!




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