Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

The ConBook

The ConBook is the Con’s presentation card. It is where the Con puts any and every single ounce of effort to make it shine.

The ConBook includes, amongst other stuff:

  • Activities’ schedule.
  • Hotel’s floor map with its important locations and facilities conveniently highlighted.
  • Staff and Guests of Honor’s introduction.
  • Con’s theme and motifs.
  • Dealer’s Den location and dealers’ distribution in it.
  • Sponsors‘ list.
  • The Con’s policies and behaviour guidelines.
  • Charity’s introduction (to which all the Con’s benefits will be donated to).

It is also an unique collectible by itself. Every Furcon tries to do the most outstanding conbook ever. The more conbooks you have, the more Cons you have attended!

A copy of the Conbook, as part of the complimentary welcome package, is given completely free of charge upon registration. If you want more copies (we all know how destructive housepets may be!), you may purchase them at the Con stand, located in the Dealer´s Den.

Calling all artists out there! Would you like your art included in our ConBook? We welcome collabs! Check the info page in the “Artists & Professionals” section!