Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019

Activities and Events


Dance off New For Everybody

Everybody loves to dance, but especially they love a good competition. Come over with your friends or alone to show us your moves in an epic dance battle against other teams. The winner team will face off some professional dancers!

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DiscoFor Everybody

Can’t miss the partying hours in Furrnion. Leave your shyness behind and step into the dance floor to shake your body. Pay attention to the pirate hours; it’s when the party becomes wild.


Furry-o-keFor Everybody

No reins, no stirrups… no ear plugs. Have you ever wanted to get on a stage and sing until you are out of voice? Go wild and give your best. Let it goo, let it gooo.


Furrnion Show New For Everybody

There’s no better thing for a Sunday morning than a good show (except waking up without a hangover). Will there be magic tricks? A clown? A dramatic representation? Some other invited guest? Come see it yourself!


Furrylimpiadas (Fursuits edition) For fursuiters

The furry olympics are back with new challenges but the same laughs. Test your skills and especially… try to give your best to reach the victory for you and your team!
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Furrylimpiadas (Normal edition) New For partials and no-fursuiters

The furry olympics are back with new challenges but the same laughs. Test your skills and especially… try to give your best to reach the victory for you and your team!
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Snack Exchange No Fursuits Allowed

Do you remember that snack you got from the vending machine at the end of the street that took away your hunger? Or those dishes that are always on every party table you go to? Could any of those be something new for people outside your country? If that’s the case, bring it over. We will have a food exchange to try out the delicious stuff from different countries!


Speed Dating For everybody

Love is in the air… But do you think love will arrive first to you? No way. You will have to find it. Furrnion will wear the classic Cupid’s robes and will get those love arrows ready so you can find someone… or at least try to. On the other hand, you will have a short time to get to know each other, so keep that in mind and don’t waste any second!


Games Room<New For everybody

For you, since you like to spend a good time with friends playing some board game or some fancy videogames. Furrnion has a game room at your disposal so you will not get bored for too long. You can even bring your own games! Keep an eye out for the tournaments.


Group PictureFor Everybody

Smile… say cheese! *click*
A picture for posterity, so you can say ‘I was there!’ and remember all the fun you had at Furrnion with all your friends.


My First conFor Everybody

Are you new around here? Do not worry, we will welcome you and give you some advices on what to do during the convention. It’s also a good place to go if you want to see new faces!

Save the straight furryFor Everybody

An adaptation of the game ‘two rooms and a boom’ but instead you need to keep the straight furry safe. It is not as easy as it sounds. This game requires as many players as possible so do not hesitate to join!


Insult swordfighting New For Everybody

“You fight like a Dairy farmer!”
“How appropiate! You fight like a cow!”
Win your swordbattles the most effective way; throwing off your opponent guard with witty insults. Be creative because if your opponent comes with a witty remark back, you might lose!
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Bumper pirates New For Everybody

Bump around with your friends. We will make you wear a special suit for space pirates that will allow you to bounce off other pirates. First one to lose balance or step out of the ring loses!


Live action roleplaying (The eight ales) New Para todos

That pythoness had foretold your fate when she showed you the eight of cups from her tarot deck. Now that you are facing eight cups on a table with other people, you are concerned with a reason. Only a few of these cups have the cure for the poison some crazy pirate drugged you with and you need to find out which. Will you get out of there alive?
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Book presentation “La magia de los dragones” New For Everybody

The author “Ismael Duque Galea” will make a presentation of his book “La magia de los dragones” and answering any questions for the fans.


Panel GoH New For Everybody

Our guest of honor will be explaining a bit about herself and answering any question for the fans.

Panel Safe Sex New For Everybody

We have two experts in sex (not really) to explain how safe sex works and answer your questions about it. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.


Panel Legion 501 New For Everybody

We will have our special extra guests explain what they do all over the country, how they are helping other foundations and their activities.


Aperture science New For Everybody

Science! Have you ever been curious about what you can do with it? Well, look no further. Some experts will put up a little show for all your science curiosity needs.


Photocall For Everybody

Take pictures with your best fursuit or just your best smile. Make it a good memento.


Concert New For Everybody

Ready to rock? We have a concert ready so you can dance to the beat until your bones are exhausted.

Auction For Everybody

If something caught your eye during the convention, maybe you can bid on it. Bring a good souvenir to your home!


Feedback For Everybody

We want to keep improving so if you have any suggestions on how to make a greater Furrnion, let us know.