Web registration is about to end!

There's very little time left to get your web registration! Time's running out for you to register from our web at the normal price, 85€. After that you will only be able to buy your entrance at the convention, where you will also have to wait at the end of the queue, and the price will be 150€. It is also possible that you won't get the exclusive welcome pack that all preregistered attendees will.

So register now! You will be able to do so until March 31st, after which you won't be able to change your official badge's image either.


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Last News

We’re warming up! We mean… harness our horses because Furrnion is close. That’s why it’s time for you to know some important things: Dealer’s Den: There’s 5 spots left; if you had any doubts to bring your art & items to sell, you still have a chance. Preregistrations for Artist’s Alley: This year we have an […]


Dealer’s Den Expansion!

Due to the unexpected high number of Dealer’s Den requests –despite having the Artist Alley novelty–, we are out of free spots, so we decided to expand it. We will restructure the halls and use Don Manuel, which we used last year for the Art Show and other activities. Furrnion II will have a Dealer’s […]


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