Registration open!

Registration for Furrnion II is open and more than 200 attendees have already done so during the 1st month! But we want you to come too!

We invite you to check our site, join our telegram groups and be with us this year, to go back in time and remember ancient times, where Chilalry Tails made Middle Age furries dream of adventures and magic...

So when you make up your mind, go to the registration page and be part of it!

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Last News

Dealer’s Den Expansion!

Due to the unexpected high number of Dealer’s Den requests –despite having the Artist Alley novelty–, we are out of free spots, so we decided to expand it. We will restructure the halls and use Don Manuel, which we used last year for the Art Show and other activities. Furrnion II will have a Dealer’s […]


Registrations for Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den are open! We have news this year. Since there won’t be only a Dealer’s Den but also an Artist Alley. For those who may be confused:   The Artists Alley is a space for producing traditional art, meant for those who mainly want to draw and make commissions (although there’s […]


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