Space Pirates
Madrid - Spain
October 17-20TH, 2019



Art Show registration open!

The Art Show will exhibit our attendee’s works, which will may be auctioned later in the public auction if they reach the maximum of bids during the con. Works’ registration is very easy. You only need to upload each of your works’ details using the form following this link. You only need to be a >>>

There’s just a few days left (until Sept. 30th) to preregister to Furrnion via web to the special price of 95€. If you still needed more reasons to come, or to be more excited for it, we’re sure you’ll like to know which artists, merchants and fursuit makers will be available in the Dealer’s Den >>>

Furrnion wants to reward all those convention addicts, or just that support them. That’s the reason why if you have been in a convention this year, and show your badge to us, you’ll have 20% off in your ticket. Where can you show your badge? In our form, of course! And remember that you still >>>

Propose your activities and more

A lot of exciting things are waiting for you in Furrnion III, only 3 months left! We’ll have a long summer ahead and we hope you’re enjoying your vacations. (If you have them, we don’t T__T) It’s time to propose your activities for the convention: ACTIVITIES  What kind of activities can you propose? There are >>>

Dear fellow sailors! We want this year’s Den to be full of good art and merchandise! Just as the previous years! You know there’s a lot of great artists amongst you, and we want to offer you the best place to sell your stuff! Take a moment to read this year’s Dealer’s Den and Artist >>>

Be our distinguished attendee

Distinguished attendees? You could be one of them! You’ll be in our website, in our next section, and who knows what else. Showing up is easy. Take a picture of yourself, either with fursuit or not, you can always edit it, whatever comes to your mind! In said pic you have to show your attendee >>>


Just a heads up for everyone, we will be ending pre-registration at the end of the month! That is, the 28th of April, 2019, at exactly 11:59 PM! (Madrid/Paris Time aka GMT+2) If you haven’t yet pre-registered because you’re unsure, on the fence, or just plain forgot, now is the time! You’ll still be able >>>


Quad Rooms available!

By popular demand, we’ve tried our best to get the hotel to prepare more quadruple rooms for our attendees.. The good news is that… we got it! The bad news is… only 5! And the worst news (or the best, it’s subjective!) is that only 3 will be ‘pure’ quadruple rooms with four individual beds, >>>


Ahoy! you read it right, we’re more than 220 attendees to join the crew of space pirates. What are you waitin’ for, sailor? Do yah prefer stay at home petting your flerken instead of joining us? And more, if you don’t know who share room with WE HAVE A TELEGRAM GROOOOOOOUP TO SHARE ROOM: https://t.me/furrnion >>>


Still not preregistered? Now you can!

Since last Friday night you can access our preregistration to enjoy the con. You can also book your room. It’s very easy to do so: Get to preregistration section Read carefully the site and press the button below to register Fill in the form Wait for our email(can take long, check your spam folder) for >>>