The Adventure has ended! Thanks all fur coming!

Furrnion III: Space Pirates

Meliá Barajas Hotel, Madrid, Spain
October 17-20th, 2019

-Attention, attention all crew! Keep calm, this is not a drill, this is your captain speaking. Some very suspicious ships are approaching, and they appear hostile! Set the shields to max power, everything is under contro- *buzzzzzzz*

-Hey? Is this thing working? Heh.. relax, we've rendered all your shields.. engines.. and hyperspace systems useless! Oh but don't worry, we're just here to have a bit of fun. Who are we? We're known by many names.. but you… you know us as pirates. Now! All aboard!

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One more year… Open Doors’ Day!


We’re not going to break a tradition! So we’ll have an open-doors-day for this edition as well. If you’re a minor, if you’re on a tight budget, or if you are just curious about Furrnion and want to ‘test the waters’ before deciding if you want to come for real next year, Open Doors Day >>>


Important if you sleep in the Meliá Hotel


Pay special attention if you have a room reservation in the Meliá! But most of all if you’re not the room’s holder. October 1st is the last day for the room’s holder to invite you to it through our website. It’s extremelly important for two reasons: 1st – We’ll mark your badge as ‘residential’ and >>>


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