The Adventure begins in 182 days

Furrnion III: Space Pirates

Meliá Barajas Hotel, Madrid, Spain
October 17-20th, 2019

-Attention, attention all crew! Keep calm, this is not a drill, this is your captain speaking. Some very suspicious ships are approaching, and they appear hostile! Set the shields to max power, everything is under contro- *buzzzzzzz*

-Hey? Is this thing working? Heh.. relax, we've rendered all your shields.. engines.. and hyperspace systems useless! Oh but don't worry, we're just here to have a bit of fun. Who are we? We're known by many names.. but you… you know us as pirates. Now! All aboard!

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Preregistration discount period ending soon!

Just a heads up for everyone, we will be ending pre-registration at the end of the month! That is, the 28th of April, 2019, at exactly 11:59 PM! (Madrid/Paris Time aka GMT+2) If you haven’t yet pre-registered because you’re unsure, on the fence, or just plain forgot, now is the time! You’ll still be able >>>


Quad Rooms available!

By popular demand, we’ve tried our best to get the hotel to prepare more quadruple rooms for our attendees.. The good news is that… we got it! The bad news is… only 5! And the worst news (or the best, it’s subjective!) is that only 3 will be ‘pure’ quadruple rooms with four individual beds, >>>


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